Video Production & Reputional  Marketing


  •   With over 90% of consumers reading reviews before they buy a product or service, and with online reviews now trusted as much as referrals, marketing has changed forever.


  •    Marketing is now focusing more that ever on getting and maintaining top ranking reviews and sharing them.


  •    We help you build 5 star reviews and top rated brand identity, right on your website and across the net.


  •    Proprietary tools and strategies monitor and market your reputation with highly interactive expert systems for hotel and tourism marketing.


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Marketing has changed forever. Reviews are read by just about every travel shopper. They are trusted as much as referals. 90% of consumers say a positive review will influence their purchase.

5 Star Video Reviews are the staple of our messaging. We use professional spokespersons and can customise  videos for any situation and need. We can do custom video, scripts, customer feedback and testimonials. We do on-site video and photography.

Website Integration - 5 star reviews and videos may be automatically posted to your website. Guests may quickly add a review with the website form which can also be syndicated and posted to review sites and the digital media network

Syndication. Many high quality networks are used to syndicate and announce your reviews, videos and reputation based content. We also build your own network and syndication in conjunction with our press releases, video, graphics and multimedia AllCast production campaigns.

Reputation Marketing is the new Branding

Not long ago the best form of advertsing and brand marketing was word of month. In the digial world this is now reputional marketing spearheaded by having good reviews and sharing them far and wide. We have added several unique features including building your marketing collateral and creating on site review options linked into our review post machine.

The other key feature of the digital age is personalisation;  in our marketing planforms and channels, like we have created an expert system and behaviour responsive engine that matches guests with hotels based on personality traits.

Network Strategy

Not only do you get highly engaging videos on your own site and on the network:
You also get published to the collective network and to broadcast media with Press Releases (optional).

A full service solution including Production, Marketing and Mangement of the brand reputation.


We offer several video and graphic production packages for repurposing and syndicating reviews to TV video sites, image sites, social networks and broadcast media.


Review videos and reputation collateral are syndicated across a wide network of leading digital media and are integrated with your website and social presence.


Our tools and systems work 24/7 to monitor and manage your brand reputation and identity.

Behaviour Reponsive Travel Planning

Todays travelers are looking for a unique and authentic holiday experience that they can call their own. Hotels are rethinking the convential approach to differentiation by keywords like romance and family holidays. In the end it is all the same and these different niches have become just platitudes. Our system professionals have re-engineered the travel shopping and bookings  funnel to identify buyer behavios and extract personality characteristics from their choices. Travelers are matched to hotels of similar character, to create a unique and personal selection based on individual character as well as amenities, location, rates and facitities. example htttp://

HolidayHotel.Reviews Marketing

HolidayHotel.Reviews is a network of video and TV sites dedicated to displaying reviews by travelers for travelers.  All reviews and properties are classified into several personality categories called travelcats. Travelcats are defined by shoppers behaviour and the same categories are used to match guests up with hotels of like personality.

Today brand reputation is largly built on exceeding expectations & needs and sharing guest experiences. Our solution starts with guests 5 star experiences and builds a complete system for obtaining reviews:  From business cards, room signage, email  campaigns to website feedback and sharing. It gathers and consolidates reviews from all major directories and it markets all to the collabroative network with highly engaging videos, stories and images.

  •    Personality & Behavior Responsive Travel Planning
  •    Video Reviews amalgamated and animated with professional spokepersons and optional custom photography
  •    Integrate video reviews and customer feedback with client website
  •    Mobile apps for travelers reviews
  •    Build client announcement networks
  •    Syndication to client network and the collabroate platforms
  •    Conduct email campaings to thank reviewers and engage more reviews
  •    Monitor and manage web integration, collateral and automate campaign
  •    Feature your property on network, on broadcast media (optional PR) and on travel planning sites (requires destination portal collaberation)

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