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Get more travelers to find, book and trust your hotel with strategic video review marketing.


With nearly every traveler looking at reviews before they book, reviews are vital. Not only that; Online Travel Agents, Google and search engines use reviews as one of the ranking factor. If your competion has more and better reviews it may mean that they are on page one and you are not.

With great reviews travelers are more likely to book, without great reviews you do not get booked.
With great reviews you may be on page 1 of Goggle and on top of booking sites, without you may never be seen.



  • Tools and Strategies that help you take control of reviews:
  • Keep customers on your site instead of sending them to sites that market your competition
  • Build and market a 5 star reputation with proven systems that engage and convert!
  • Syndicate your video reviews to Google and top news media for vast exposure;
    building trust, authority and more direct bookings.


Control The Visitors Experience

Take controll of the visitor experience: Keep your potential clients engaged on your website with video  reviews and content that helps them decide to book with you. Sending visitors to review site like Traipadvisor is not good practice today as they become more like booking sites, marketing to your competition. A check of their alternative suggestion can be devasting to you.


Get More Reviews

Use our on line surveys, feedback form and messaging service to get more reviews. Our continuity and invitation messaging reminds guest to leave reviews and makes it easy to do so. HHR systems also aggregate reviews from across the net and allows guests to see 5 star reviews right on your website and on the top media they visit.


see case study below >>>

Get More Bookings

We create  engaging videos and graphics for your website that are also syndicated to video sites, social platforms, to top digital media and your own social network. The highly engaging visual get found, get likes and get shared at 5 times the rate of text post. This increases your exposure driving more trafic to your website marketing funnel for more direct bookings.


Review Video Examples

Typical SpokesPerson Hotel Review Video         |         Cusomized Activity Review Video

Case Study - Poinsettia Villa Resort st. Lucia

Poinsettia Villa apartments just started using the new reputation marketing system and has added the reviews widget to its website. In addition to creating an engaging video which is posting to the network, HolidayHotel.Reviews (HHR) also gathered reviews from across the net and builds graphic representations of the content which is posted to the resorts own social media .

The graphically enhanced reviews, which are visually optimized for each channel, has proven to significantly increased views and responses. For Poinsettia; there was a a marked increase in views of the visually enhanced content. On Facebook it was about 5 times more that normal post of the same review that was not optimized.

Poinsettia is now using the website integration which displays videos and text reviews on the new Poinsettia 'Reviews and Feedback' page. This means guest do not have to go to other review site like TripAdvisor. It also makes it very easy for guests to add reviews into the HHR post schedule, and helps them post to Google and other sites.

The first video published was the core package. It was published to the HHR network and to Poinsettias website. The team is building a full social platform and digital media network for Poinsettia which will used for future video posts. For the next video we use a more custom video and script. Video production can use professional spokesperson or the resorts own management and staff .

So far it been a very worthwhile investment and, as much of the work is all done for hotel, it's really easy to work with.

See this at Poinsettia Villas St. Lucia

Reviews Posted to Google & Digital Media

Visually optimized reviews dramatically increase engagement, clicks and bookings

Atlantis Submarines Barbados - Case Study


Details of the campaign at one month - covers the video productions, press release, content marketing and syndocation.


The case study describes the review video production and marketing process. In adition we help collect reviews with automated mailing system  website feedback pages, competitions and surbey strategies.

Our online system scan the net for reviews and feed back and use these to create graphics to post to Pinterext and social media. Posting are done in size and format prefered by each media. 

For the full reputation marketing package we create media centers with flyers, tradeshow collateral and cars for marketing.





This illustrated slideshre document is derrived from the original NewsWire Press release. it is nimated with images and additional description that explains the tools and strategies.

Tools and Strategies for Success

Video Production & Syndication

Feature your hotel and tourism activity on the HolidayHotel.Reviews platform. Automatically get, gather and syndicate 5 star reviews with our 5 Star Video Production and syndication.  Your campaign is integrated with your website and digital network along with our marketing and syndication. 

more on the network >>>

Media Center

Your own media center integrated with your website for tracking & monitoring. Get more guest feedback, reviews, views and activity. Create business cards, flyers and campaigns that get more 5 start reviews. In room, office and trade show collateral that drive reviews and build trust, authority and direct bookings.

see case study above >>>


Access the unique personality based matchmaker marketing. Personalize your reviews based on our proprietary behaviour response and persona profiling expert systems. Different your brand by character and attract the right people who will love what you do and tell everyone about your hotel and service.

more on benefits of personalization systems >>>>

Aminated Videos Put TripAdvisor on Steroids. Show and Tell your Story with content that is authentic, engaging and gets more bookings.

Reviews and videos are syndicated to massive digital media network and your own social media - we build out your network for you.

The online systems contain all the pieces you need to build, manage and market your brand reputation.

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